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plaza dorrego tango

Buenos Aires is fabulous for so many reasons including its cute unique neighborhoods and variety of activities. There is never a dull moment and always something to do in this Paris of South America. We spent a few weeks here and really got a lay of the land for this beautiful city.

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Recoleta Cemetary

This one pops up on all the guidebooks and it is easy to see why! I love visiting old cemeteries abroad and the one in Recoleta was one of the best we’ve been to. It is rich with history and unique headstones. The layout is beautiful and it is eerily peaceful strolling around reading about porteños who have passed.

recoleta cemetery

Casa Rosada- Presidential palace

Argentina recently had a female president and their palace is pink. How cool is that?! We didn’t go inside but Casa Rosada is very regal and is nearby other nice historical attractions including the CCK Cultural Center.

Frida Mural

This beloved Mexican artist has a larger than life mural in Palermo. It is a great spot for any street art or selfie lover.

frida kahlo mural buenos aires

Palermo Market & Plaza Serrano

Plaza Serrano is always a fun spot to hang around in Palermo Soho. With a variety of craft beer bars and dance clubs it has something for everyone. On the weekends they even have a small market here.

palermo market

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon is a must-see! We visited this gorgeous theatre and were nothing short of awe-inspired by its beautiful architecture and class. They were finishing up a ballet when we were there and I really wish we could have attended a show. There are cheap standing room only tickets (like $10 cheap!) so anyone can mingle with the Buenos Aires elite for the evening. If you can’t make it to a show at least attend a tour.

buenos aires theatre

San Telmo Feria

Another highly visited tourist attraction, the San Telmo Sunday Feria has something for everyone. This market sprawls across city blocks and into the street with everything from antique furs and tinted glass to cheesy t-shirts and souvenirs. We upgraded our grocery store mate gourds to artisan ones.

san telmo feria buenos aires

san telmo feria

San Telmo Market

Right by the Feria is this indoor market that’s open everyday. There are great shops and restaurants including Coffee Town, a great place to get your gourmet coffee fix, and a delicious empanada stand. There are a few shops but most everything is food based.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid

This old theatre turned bookstore is beautiful! It looks similar to Teatro Colon. Books line the walls from the floor to the ceiling and it is a treat for any bibliophile.

argentina bookstore

Buenos Aires Food Fest

We happened to be in Buenos Aires during their food fest and it was so much fun! There was live music and tons of vendors in this nice outdoor space near the botanical garden. See what events are being hosted during your visit.

food trucks buenos aires

buenos aires food fest

Boca Juniors Stadium / Game

You won’t be in Buenos Aires long before you start hearing about the Boca Juniors. This city futbol team is wildly popular and has the ultimate loyal fans. We were in the area for a game but didn’t get a chance to go in. Tourists have to be accompanied by a bodyguard and it costs around $100. Grant is dying to go so it is definitely on our list to do when we return.

boca juniors stadium

La Boca

We briefly visited La Boca when we checked out the Boca Juniors stadium. It was pretty chill when we were there with just people going to the game. The buildings are very colorful and it is a cool spot for photos.

buenos aires la boca

la boca mural

Plaza Dorrego Tango

Hang around Plaza Dorrego long enough and you are sure to catch a free (tips encouraged) live tango show! These dancers are amazing and it is truly a classic Buenos Aires experience.

plaza dorrego tango

Museum Modern Art / Contemporary Art

We thought we were visiting the Museum of Modern Art but we accidentally went to the Museum of Contemporary Art! It wasn’t quite our style but it had some cool exhibits. Our friend visited the modern art museum and said it was great. Next time!

Botanical Garden

The botanical gardens are lovely and a great place to clear your head and get some green space. That’s if you don’t get run over! When we visited there were tons of people playing Pokemon Go! For a nice after park cocktail head to nearby Casa Cavia.

Russian Orthodox Church

This church is really cool looking. Take some photos of the funky roof or relax in the park across the street.

Go to Montevideo

Uruguay is right across the Rio de la Plata. Visit Montevideo for a day or two to switch things up. We really liked it! Read about our quick trip to Montevideo here.


While there is so much to do all day, take a late afternoon nap because the nighttime scene is king in this city. Check out our favorite Buenos Aires restaurants here and our nightlife recommendations here.

Buenos Aires is rich in culture, tango, and beautiful architecture. We loved strolling around the city streets and we are certain you will too.

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