Volunteering with All Hands and Hearts

all hands volunteer

When Rachel and I were coming up with the vision for our lives and Gypsy Sols we decided that ideally we would have a location independent source of income that allowed us the flexibility to travel, raise a family, and […]

Traveling to Trump’s Cuba: What You Need to Know

While you can usually purchase last minute airfare, grab a bag and head to your favorite vacation destination with ease, some locales call for a little more preparation to get there legally and hassle-free. Cuba required LOTS of prep and […]

5 Must-Have Experiences in the Virgin Islands

Sailing Virgin Islands

Having traveled to famed islands across the globe, we have seen some stunning beaches but nothing compares to the US and British Virgin Islands. The water color in the USVIs and BVIs is incomprehensibly beautiful and incomparable to anywhere else. These […]