One Month in Argentina – Ultimate Travel Guide

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Argentina is amazing! From bustling Buenos Aires to the relaxing vineyards of Mendoza, we truly loved our time here. We spent one month in Argentina and could have easily stayed longer.

Becoming Aspiring Porteños in Buenos Aires

3 weeks of our time in Argentina was spent in fabulous Buenos Aires. This capital city captured our hearts and we adored our time here. We spent most of the time working and simply living the local porteño lifestyle. We also had our friend Alexis visit so we did lots of fun activities primarily revolving around eating empanadas and drinking wine! Read about our entire Buenos Aires trip here, including our favorite restaurants, places to grab a cocktail, and complete activity guide.

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Becoming Malbec Connoisseurs in Wine Country

Wine tourism is quickly becoming synonymous with Argentina and we couldn’t wait to taste to our hearts’ content. Malbec is the name of the game however we are still partial to our red blends, blame it on Napa! After taking a 14-hour first class bus ride (it was seriously so nice!) to the Mendoza Province of Argentina we rented a car and hit the vineyard in both Mendoza and Valle de Uco.

Read about our entire experience in wine country here.

The Food in Argentina

The food in Argentina is great! From delicious chimichurri covered steaks and decadent dulce de leche to street empanadas and rich burgers, this country has some delicious grub. Plus Buenos Aires is a booming metropolis with every genre of food imaginable. When it comes to drinks, wine and yerba mate are king. Craft beer is trying to make an entrance and while it is widely accepted by the younger crowd, the classic is still a Malbec. Yerba mate is everywhere and you should probably buy a gourd, bombilla, and thermos your first day (We did!)!

Read more extensively about the Buenos Aires food scene here.

Getting Around Argentina

The best way to get around is by bus. Don’t worry, these aren’t the chicken buses from Central America. They are nice coach style buses with lots of amenities. We especially loved the one we took from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. It was an overnight bus with lay down beds, TVs, and full-service food and drinks. Flying is an option as well but is much more expensive. Within Buenos Aires cabs, uber, and the metro are all available. The metro is the cheapest option and is easy to navigate. Uber is affordable as well and is a better option than a cab in most occasions.

The People in Argentina

The people in Argentina are lovely. Everyone was very nice and we had a great experience. The people of Buenos Aires, porteños, have a sassy flair to their autonomous identity causing a love/hate relationship with the rest of the country. We thought they were especially great! The Spanish was a little more difficult for us to understand than in other countries. The ll is pronounced like a “sh” sound. Similar to the way Spanish is spoken in Medellin.

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The Weather in Argentina

Because it is south of the equator, we were experiencing opposite seasons which was a lot of fun! We visited in April so we had lovely fall weather. Some days were warm but most had a little chill and the leaves and fall foliage was gorgeous in Mendoza and Valle de Uco.

We didn’t make it to everywhere we desired in Argentina this time. We definitely want to come back to visit Patagonia, Igazu Falls, and Salta. I had high expectations for Argentina and they were still exceeded. It is truly a beautiful country.

Want more information to plan your trip? Check out the Argentina Lonely Planet here.

All the feels in Argentina,

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