One Month in Indonesia

Grant visited Indonesia in college and I had always wanted to go. I had dreamy visions of Balinese bungalows. Indo gets a lot of hype and it is well deserved. We loved this Southeast Asian paradise. We started our trip […]

Surfing and Scooting around Kuta, Lombok

Grant had been to Lombok with his brother almost 10 years before we visited and he was so enamored by it’s beauty that he said he wanted his ashes spread there (kind of kidding, kind of seriously) so of course […]

66 Hours in Tokyo

Over Labor Day Weekend Grant and I traveled to Tokyo! It was a very short and last minute trip but we had the best time. So why cross the international date line for a long weekend? Two reasons: We had to […]

Weirdly Wild and Western Siem Reap

You read that right, western. Geographically speaking Cambodia is obviously in SE Asia but Siem Reap definitely attempts to appeal to Westerners in a no shame fashion, such as “Gringo Hamburgers Here!” Understandably, it is a city built on tourism since […]

Sights and Smells of Bangkok

Oh Bangkok… You’re probably picturing Leo backpacking in The Beach or your Facebook friend’s profile pic on an elephant. It is a little bit of those things, but so much more! Since our visit (and probably before) Thailand is becoming […]