How to Spend a Layover in Germany

Oh layovers. They’re just the worst aren’t they? Well if you have 4 hours to 1 day you can make the best out of them and sneak in another trip! When we traveled to Paris and Amsterdam we had layovers in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Although I wouldn’t have normally traveled to these cities if I was planing a trip to Germany they turned out to be a real treat!


We only had a few hours in Stuttgart before taking a train to Paris so we explored the city center. Here’s what you should do:

  • Hit up a local cafe for espresso. (It is a travel necessity! Sleepy red eyes and short trip durations are the Davis signature so we have espresso pumping through our veins at all times!)
  • Visit a dirndl shop (They’re beautiful and more expensive than you’d think!)
  • Eat a bavarian pretzel. (YUM)
  • Wander around plazas and cathedrals.
  • Drink a german beer.  (It was ironically a wine festival when we were visiting Stuttgart but Germany is known for its beer so we had to grab one at the train station on the way out)

We spent the night in Düsseldorf so we had a little more time to see what all the ‘dorf had to offer! It is a city built on business so less tourism but still some sights to see.

  • Go to this cool German brewery. It was literally the honor system. They had paper coasters and the servers would write tally marks of how many drinks you’ve had! I can totally respect a place with this honor system vibe.
  •  Stroll down the side streets of Altstad at nighttime. This “old-town” area has fun restaurants, bars, and music.
  • Visit some cathedrals.
  • Walk along the Rhine River. We were there at the holidays so they had a ferris wheel and street vendors leftover from the Christmas markets.
  • Go shopping in the Koenigsalle district. It has very upscale shops comparable to fifth avenue, rodeo drive, and Champs-Élysées.
  • Ride to the top of Rheinturm (Rhine Tower). It is over 700 feet tall and a observation deck with great views!

dusseldorf germany

We’ve been to Germany twice and both for very shorts amount of time! So next time you have a layover don’t get discouraged… get creative!

For more information on Germany, grab this Lonely Planet guide book.



Inspired Recipe: German Chocolate Cookies from Chef in Training 

I made these cookies for the Davis family annual cookie bake off! And while I didn’t win (it’s pretty cutthroat) I have to say they got rave reviews! Coconut and chocolate combo, I’m sold!

German Chocolate Cookies

*Did you make one of our inspired recipes? We would love to see! Send us a photo of your yummy creation on twitter (@gypsysols) or Instagram (@gypsysols)

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