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After the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre are checked off, you should probably try to squeeze some work in. As digital nomads, we often try to stay at an Airbnb with good wifi and a nice workspace but these accommodations are often a bit pricey at times aka Paris in the summer months! Or perhaps you simply need a change of scenery to feel inspired. It turns out that the Paris digital nomad and coworking scene is quite impressive and these coworking spaces are sure to please!

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Hubsy Cafe and Coworking

We spent our first work day in Hubsy. With an affordable pay by the hour rate of €5 capping out at €24 it is one of the cheaper per hour places we found. From the street it appears to be a normal cafe, however, there are plenty of outlets, strong wifi, and private rooms available. They even had a US adaptor since we forgot ours! Food and drinks are included and unlimited. While the food is a little basic, the baristas will make you just about anything!

Hubsy coworking space in Paris Digital Nomad heaven

Cafe Craft

We stumbled upon Cafe Craft while searching for another coffee shop. Turns out it is an adorable coffee shop meets co-working space. Up front, patrons can enjoy coffee in the traditional way but in the back laptop zone, you must spend a minimum of €4 an hour. This is easy to do since they have such delicious treats and drinks! Outlets and strong wifi are also abundant. We ended up spending more than our minimum (which is their intention I’m sure) but we had a super pleasant experience.

craft coworking Paris- Digital Nomad

 Paris Digital Nomad Neighborhood

Hop off the metro at Gare de l’Est and you are sure to find several options for coworking spaces. This neighborhood is literally a digital nomad’s dream! It was the most coworking spaces per square meter I’ve ever seen!


We ended up spending significantly less at Cafe Craft, however, Hubsy had more options for private workspaces.

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