This journey is about more than seeing new places and volunteering. Rather than continuing to trade our time for money we are putting all of our emphasis on enjoying as much of our time as possible, in the moment. Rather than working longer hours to get enough money to buy the latest and greatest things we are going to be streamlining our lives so we can take advantage of the one resource we cannot create more of, time. That being said we both enjoy our current lifestyle and need money to maintain it so we are setting up passive income streams which will continue to support us while giving us the freedom to pursue our passions. I know passive income is a hot topic in the digital nomad world so I will keep this blog updated on our progress.

We have experienced first hand how giving more, volunteering and donating to worthy causes has come back to benefit our lives 10 fold. That is one of the reasons why we started giving and volunteering more as we began to save and gear up for this move. I will also keep a running update of the projects we are involved with or donating to so you can follow along. Currently we are ready spread out with the causes we support (we take turns picking each month) but I could see us getting more focused in the future.

“How are you going to pay for it” is the number one question we get after explaining our crazy dream. Although I do not have all of the answers now I have faith we will pull it off and I will explain how we do it as we go along.