Wine Tasting in Casablanca, Chile

casablanca chile

Casablanca is in the middle of Santiago and Valparaiso making it the perfect place to visit for a day of wine tasting. We visited two wineries and they were both great! Wine tasting in Casablanca is definitely worth the trip.

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vineyard in casablaca chile

Getting to Casablanca City Center

We were staying in Valparaiso so we took Turbus to Casablanca for $5. It took around 1 hour and was a nice ride. The buses leave often and there is no need to buy tickets in advance. We had a pleasant experience with Turbus on our way to Casablanca, however, we used them later in our trip and it was a horrible experience. More on that here.

Getting to Casablanca Vineyards

Once we were dropped off in the city center we flagged a cab and headed to the vineyards. It cost only $4 to get to our first winery, Casas del Bosque, since it is near the city center, however from there to Viña Emiliana was $15 (steep!) and from Viña Emiliana back to city center was only $10!? Typical cabbie behavior. Don’t be afraid to break out the high school Spanish and haggle!

Wineries to Visit in Casablanca

Viña Casas del Bosque

We had a reservation at Viña Emiliana but were early so our cab driver took us to Casas del Bosque. This winery is the closest to town and is great for your first stop. We didn’t have a reservation but were able to try a glass no problem. The views are stunning and the restaurant is gorgeous. Make this your first stop in Casablanca for sure!

casablanca chile winery

Viña Emiliana

I was so excited to visit Viña Emiliana before we even arrived in Casablanca. I read about it on another blog and saw adorable pictures of baby llamas plus that their mission is to be a sustainable organic vineyard. Yes, please! At $30, this wine tasting was about double to what we are used to paying, but we had a chocolate pairing and it was so worth it. We also got to try their famous Gé wine which was DIVINE.

casablanca chile

Before the tasting, we toured the grounds and saw all of the cute animals including the llamas! One of them had the craziest buck teeth! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable we learned all about their organic methods and community contribution. Go for the animals, stay for the wine. This place is great all around!

emiliana winery chile

chilean llamas at Vina Emiliana

Wine tasting in Casablanca was a really fun day trip. If we hadn’t already wine tasted for days in Argentina and Uruguay we would’ve probably visited more. Transportation was easy, the cost was reasonable, and the wine was great! Check out our guide for wine tasting in South America here.

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