For us travel is not about going from one place to the next. The real journey is learning about new cultures, laughing, sharing stories and above all giving back and serving others. Service is fundamental part of our marriage and lives. When we asked ourselves what we would do if money were no object we said we would both love to ‘travel around and help people’ so that is what we intend to do. Below are some of our favorite charities and recent contributions. I will keep this list updated as we continue to find new ways to get involved. If you know of a great cause or opportunity that we should look into please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Permission to Change the World: A Big Brothers Story

Being healthy is easy, earning money is easy, even changing the world is easy. There is plenty of research that shows that all it takes to be healthy is to eat a whole foods plant based diet and do a […]

Together we rise- Foster Care

We received new luggage for Christmas and now we show up to the airport in style whenever we travel. We even have several different types of luggage we can use depending on the situation. When we learned that foster kids are […]

Grace Church, San Diego

We had a lot of trouble picking a church when we moved to San Diego. The problem is we do not want our church experience to be like going to a rock concert but we also want a church that is […]

American Refugee Committee

When we learned about the refugee crisis and debated all of the politics surrounding it we tried to put ourselves in their shoes. What would it be like to be forced out of our country by war and travel thousands of […]

Building wells with Mad Monkey

From oceans to lakes and everything in between we love all types of water and you will notice that is a common theme with our donations. During our visit to Cambodia we saw first hand the impact that poverty was […]