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mulberry project sunset

We’ve indicated the price of our favorite places on a scale of $-$$$ and divided them into neighborhood (you can read more about the two parts of Tulum here.)


Batey Mojito Bar $$

Batey is probably the most famous bar in Pueblo. They have a variety of excellent mojitos, complete with sugarcane straws…so tasty! The best part of Batey is the live music. The bands are always awesome and the crowd is a good mix of tourists and locals. The party goes late and usually spills into the street because it is so crowded!

Pasito Tun Tun $$

Right across from Batey lies a newer mezcaleria bar with swings out front. The entrance looks basic but in the back is a cool garden set up complete with a DJ and neon “besos de mezcal” sign. I had one of my favorite cocktails of our entire trip here. I simply asked the bartender to create something with mezcal and cucumber and it was a masterpiece!

Ki’Bok $

This cute coffee shop, located beside Batey’s and Pasito Tun Tun now has a rooftop bar called Ki’Bok at night. Coffee by day and cocktails at night, you can’t go wrong at Ki’Bok.

Encanto Cantina $$

This restaurant has a cute candlelit back garden and is the perfect spot to grab a drink after dinner in Pueblo. We didn’t try the food but their menu looked great! 

encanto cantina

The Beach 

Mateo’s $

Mateos used to have the best.happy.hour.ever. and was our go to when in Tulum. Recently they took away the 2×1 deal but kept prices the same. They said it was just for the slow season so I am hopeful it will go back. I was told that there is still live music on Thursdays and Sundays so if you go please let me know if they bring the 2×1 back. The views at Mateo’s are still the best so it is worth a stop. You can see the jungle on one side and the Caribbean on the other!

Gitano $$$

On Friday nights Gitano has an awesome party with a DJ. Their set up is the best and while a drink will cost you around $10 USD, it is free to get in. Gitano is the ultimate trendy cocktail bar. Throw some elderflower and lavender in a drink and I’m sold! The cocktails even have names like Gypsy Disco and Stardust. The food is supposed to be great too but we’ve only been after dinner for drinks or a party. It is dimly lit with lots of candles, a retro disco ball, and pillows everywhere! 


Papaya Playa Project $$$

The beach club at Papaya Playa is always great but for a real treat attend one of their full moon parties. It is basically a nighttime beach party complete with bottle service and a DJ spinning house music. It is a blast! The entry fee is steep around $20 USD but the crowd is always big.

Zamna Jungle Party $$$

Zamna Tulum, which is a trendy hotel, hosts full moon parties at their private cenote. This made for a super rad experience. Leave the snorkel and grab your face paint. DJs spin all night underneath a huge teepee. Apparently they have parties on other occasions as well and their website claims they have the best parties on the planet!  Like Papaya Playa Project, entry is around $20 USD.

full moon party_

Casa Jaguar $$$

Every Thursday night, Casa Jaguar has a jungle party that is the place to be seen. While late-night diners finish up their meals, guests wander to the back area to sip overpriced cocktails while a DJ spins from a teepee. Casa Jaguar also has an amazing restaurant, cute boutiques, and a coffee shop on the premises. We got here 30 minutes after the party “started” and we’re still about an hour too early. We had scuba diving the next day so we had to leave but I can’t wait to return. edit: We ended up going back to Casa Jaguar on our last trip for a party and dinner. Both were AMAZING I cannot recomend this place enough.

casa jaguar dj

Clan-Destino $

We randomly found Clan-Destino when looking for a bathroom on our way home. It is a pretty casual bar except there is a cenote with a chandelier in the middle! Stick your toes in for a free fish pedicure!

I Scream Bar $$

Owned by the same people as La Eufemia, I Scream Bar is an establishment as fun as its play on words. Here they are serving more caguamas than ice cream although they do have some alcoholic drinks that come with ice cream. From the cars on the roof to the bartenders yelling “Ice Cream Bar” at every lady that walks by, it is a rowdier establishment for Tulum standards but it sure is fun! Edit: La Eufemia moved away from the beach and is now located inside I Scream Bar. It is a bummer that the beach club is gone but now you can party and eat great tacos at the same time!

i scream bar tulum

Mulberry Project $$

While it is less nightlife and more happy hour, the Mulberry Project at La Zebra Hotel only has happy hour on Tuesdays but it is all day! Cozy up in one of their wooden boat couches and build your own cocktail from their extensive list of ingredients. If we decide to splurge on accommodations on a future trip, we will definitely stay at La Zebra. It is our favorite hotel in Tulum!

mulberry project sunset

mulberry project_

Eden $$

Follow the candlelit paths to a romantic space with a pool, daybeds, and live music. We quickly stopped in for a drink and to listen to the talented sounds of Billie Waves Chanteuse.

Cortázar $$$

You’ll see the large outdoor dining table before you see the barely there sign for this little bar. We were unimpressed with the mezcal drinks’ quality and price but it seems like a nice spot for a glass of wine before dinner. Their sister restaurant, Cezontle, is a great spot to dine. Read more about Cezontle and other Tulum eats in our restaurant guide.

While Tulum is a quiet, peaceful beach town there is a nightlife scene if you’re interested. It is classy, chill, and a jungle dream!

Read more about our Tulum travels here.

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    1. Hi Sami, January is always a super fun time to be down there. The Sound Tulum event just finished up and our friend that went said it was amazing. If you don’t want to wait a whole year try to be down there during a full moon as there are usually plenty of great DJs at the full moon parties.

  1. Hi there, the link for Clan-destino doesn’t work. I’d really like to know how to find this as it looks like a smaller scale party and very casual like what we’re used to. If you have more information I’d be very happy to know!

    1. Hi Marie, I have updated the link to direct to their FaceBook page. I checked and it seems to be up to date. Thank you for letting me know about the broken link.

  2. Hi there! I’m planning to go to Gitanos for a bachelorette. Did you have to reserve a spot if you’re just having drinks? Appreciate any help!

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