Because TSA Sucks…

Everyone hates waiting in security lines, especially lately since they’ve been super long. I recently got a SENTRI pass and let me tell you, it is the BEST. THING. EVER. It’s basically TSA pre-check, Global Entry, and a fast pass at the border all wrapped up into one card! Grant got one a year or so ago and would leave me in the long line until I finally applied for one before all of our wedding travel. The application and interview process is a little tedious but definitely worth it.

We go to Baja every couple of months and the border line is so long, like four hours long…with no bathroom breaks. Five churros and two unnecessary souvenirs later you’re questioning why you drove to Mexico in the first place! With SENTRI it only took us 8 minutes to cross!

It’s way better to wait for your flight while your iPad is charging and you’re enjoying a cold brewski rather than in the security line for one hour. And with TSA pre-check you don’t have to remove your shoes or laptop, because we all know that floor has got to be disgusting! And you get to skip the creepy radiation machine and go through a plain ol’ metal detector.

I probably sound like a sales person for SENTRI but just saying… It’s a game changer.

Check it out.