Buenos Aires Restaurant Guide

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Buenos Aires knows food. From their traditional parrillas to trendy American inspired cuisine they have something for everyone. As avid foodie wannabes we couldn’t wait to taste it all. Below are some favorites from our tour of the Buenos Aires Restaurant scene.

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The Buenos Aires Restaurant Scene


Neighborhood: Everywhere

Get them everywhere you can! And you will find them literally everywhere. They are cheap and delicious. One of our favorites was Brozziano. This no frills joint pumps them out and they are perfect to grab on the go. There is also an abundance of medialunas and stuffed croissants in Buenos Aires. These are super delicious too!


Neighborhood: Palermo

This upscale Jewish restaurant is what Kosher dreams are made of. We sipped martinis and ordered a little bit of everything. They also offer a more intimate culinary experience at their chef’s table. Reservations recommended.

jewish restaurant dinner

Las Pizarras Bistro

Neighborhood: Palermo

We went here to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. We made a reservation the day of and were able to get in. The name translates to “the blackboards” because they have blackboards on the walls with the menu. The menu changes daily so you know it is fresh!

las pizzarras

Parrilla Don Julio 

Neighborhood: Palermo

Don Julio is probably the most famous steakhouse in Buenos Aires and it is easy to see why. The size of the steaks combined with the traditional yet trendy atmosphere and huge wine cellar make it a fabulous place to wine and dine. There is outside seating as well but I wouldn’t recommend it. The inside is more intimate plus you can see the chefs preparing the steaks. I wouldn’t say it was the best steak I’ve ever had but it was an awesome authentic Argentinean parrilla experience. Insider tip: Don’t feel limited to dinner, we splurged on lunch! Be sure to make a reservation and come with an empty stomach and a full wallet.

don julio

Pizzeria Angelin

Neighborhood: Villa Crespo

A taxi driver recommended this place to us. It is extremely local and it was only us and another porteño family there. For no frills affordable authentic cuisine this is your spot.

Fabric Sushi

Neighborhood: Everywhere

I am constantly trying to get my sushi fix and Fabric was a nice choice. They have unique flavor combinations. I even tried lemon truffle sashimi! We ordered to go from the Caballito location (you can only get takeout there.) but their other locations are real restaurants.

Café San Juan

Neighborhood: San Telmo

Grant and I went here on a date night and it was packed! We sat at the bar facing the kitchen. They had a unique twist on traditional Argentinean fare and the modern atmosphere and communal seating reminded me of restaurants in San Francisco.

cafe san juan buenos aires

El Banco Rojo

Neighborhood: San Telmo

Okay, I am not usually a burger girl but these are bomb! This place is no frills and almost resembles a fast food joint but the food is nothing short of gourmet. Sit out back on the patio. It attracts a young, fun crowd and is a perfect base before a night out in San Telmo.

Lado Este (East Side) Bagels and Burgers 

Neighborhood: Retiro

Another home run for Buenos Aires burgers. This place was so delicious and had fun, unique options with catchy New York names.

Saigon Noodle Bar

Neighborhood: San Telmo

Again with craving the Asian Food. Until we get to Asia on this world trip, I am constantly on the search. This pho place is attached to the San Telmo Market and it is oh so good. Very greasy, but delish!

The Buenos Aires Coffee Scene

Unlike its South American neighbor to the north, Colombia, Argentina is struggling in the coffee game. It is basically all espresso. Fortunately, we found a few gems for those days when we were tired of Yerba Mate.

Best for Coffee: The Lab

We didn’t think there was a chemex or pour-over in sight until we found The Lab. This place was absolutely lovely and we returned a few times. We even visited their Montevideo location! Bonuses: They also have great food and the strong wifi creates a haven for digital nomads.

buenos aires lab coffee

Best for Atmosphere: Libros del Pasaje

Inside a bookstore, this coffee shop is the perfect place to read or get some work done on a rainy day. It is super cozy and the wifi is decent.

buenos aires book store and coffee

Best in General: Yerba Mate

Not coffee! Yerba Mate is the name of the game in Argentina. I was expecting trendy Mate cafes everywhere but that is not the case. Mate is intended to be shared with friends in the comfort of your home. Don’t leave town without buying a cool gourd and bombilla.

Good to know: The porteño lifestyle is very tranquilo and suave. They dine late. And I mean late, 9 or 10pm. Often they do a big lunch and then simply have Mate and bread for dinner. You may be the only person in a restaurant if you show up around 6pm or 7pm. Places are often closed on random days and random hours too.

The Buenos Aires restaurant scene is amazing and one of our favorites in South America. Take advantage of what this beautiful city has to offer and try something new! If you only have one takeaway from this post, please eat an empanada!!

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