Everything You Need to Know About the Vegas Club Scene

Las Vegas Club scene

We love Vegas! After being to numerous bachelor and bachelorette parties and living only 5 hours away, we frequent the glitz and glam of Las Vegas on a regular basis. So in honor of the start of pool party season, here is everything you need to know about the Vegas club scene.

Vegas has world-class shopping, gourmet restaurants, entertaining shows and of course gambling, but it is notorious for its nightlife! Rivaling Ibiza and some of its European neighbors, Vegas is now synonymous with the EDM and house music scene.

The lines are long, the drinks are overpriced, and the music is a little too loud but it’s Vegas and that’s why you came here.

A view of the Las Vegas strip

Omnia at Caesar’s Palace

Omnia is widely accepted as one the best nightclubs. The light displays and special effects are sensory overload in the best way possible and the huge robotic looking chandelier is like a crazy EDM spaceship. We saw Calvin Harris here on their grand opening night and it was insane. Unlike most other clubs in Vegas, Omnia has a small outdoor balcony with views of the strip if you need some fresh air from the sweaty, dancing crowd.  There is also a club within the club called Heart. It usually plays hip-hop and is fun to switch it up for a bit. Insider Tip: Omnia can be a madhouse on special events or holidays and you can spend an hour or so waiting to get in, even if you’re on the guest list. Bonus: There is also a San Diego location!

Our rating: *****

Marquee at Cosmopolitan

Marquee goes under rated but it is one of my personal favorites. I’ve always had a really great time there. While it is smaller than some of the other clubs , the layout feels kind of intimate. Marquee doesn’t get the best DJs but the location inside the Cosmopolitan is a class act. Marquee also has an upstairs lounge with a leather, cigars, and scotch vibe if you need a quick escape from the crowds.

Our rating: ****

Marquee Day Club at Cosmopolitan

Marquee Day Club isn’t a top tier pool party but depending on the DJ it can be awesome. We saw Carnage there and it was crazy! The pool is small and there is usually lots of splashing but if you come into it with this expectation, it is a blast! An added bonus is the small private pools that are part of the VIP tables. Half the year they have Day Dome which is when they cover the pool with a plastic dome so they can have pool parties in the middle of winter. It’s as gross as it sounds.

Our rating: ****

Hakkasan at MGM Grand

I have not yet been to Hakkasan, simply because everyone I know who has been, including Grant, doesn’t want to go back! The dance floor is crazy small so the club is basically only appealing if you have a table or bottle service. It is always super crowded however their resident DJ is Tiesto, so they get bonus points for that!

Our rating: **

Encore Beach Club at Encore

For daytime pool parties, Encore Beach Club is the place to be! It is the most popular pool party and is a lot of fun! They get great acts, and you’re pretty close to the DJs since it isn’t very big. My favorite time was when we saw Avicci here, we were so close! The downside, the drinks are so expensive. Like $40 for the refillable souvenir cup expensive! Pool parties start in April and go until around Labor Day. I’ve also been at nighttime, called EBC at Night, when it operates as a hybrid club with Surrender. Channel your inner T-Swift by sipping cocktails on an oversized swan float!

Our rating: *****

Encore Beach Club

Surrender at Encore

Surrender is the inside counter part to Encore Beach Club. It is a tiny space and not very nice. They get an okay line up, I’ve seen Dillon Francis there, but overall it is pretty weak compared to the other clubs.

Our rating: *

XS at Wynn

XS is a great club, but their Night Swim pool party is the best! It is so much fun, think trendy floaties, lots of splashing, and swimming with thousands of your “closest friends” while world famous DJs spin until wee hours of the morning! We saw David Guetta here and were honestly unimpressed but Kygo and Chainsmokers are some of the recent headliners I would love to see! Night Swim is an event not to be missed. For extra fun, go on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.

Our rating: ****

xs nightclub vegas

Light at Mandalay Bay

Light is also one of my favorite clubs! Similar to Marquee, they don’t get the crème de la crème DJs but the vibes are on point. They by far have the most impressive light display (hence the name) and their dancers and acrobats add next level entertainment. The entire wall behind the DJ is covered in mesmerizing lights!

Our rating: ****

Light nightclub at Mandalay Bay

Daylight at Mandalay Bay

Daylight is the day time pool party counterpart to Light night club. I like the set up at Daylight better than Encore Beach Club because it is much larger and spacious. I’ve only been once when we saw Disclosure and it was pretty laid back, but I think the turn up rivals Marquee Day Club and Encore Beach Club depending on the talent.

Our rating: ****

Drais at Cromwell

Drais is fabulous! It is just the variety the Vegas club scene needed. Located on top of Cromwell, it really added some flair to this previously no name casino in comparison to the other giants on the strip! It is a hybrid indoor outdoor space with a nice pool and great views of the strip! It feels less claustrophobic than some of the other clubs and is never too crowded.

Our rating: *****

Tao at Venetian

Tao is one of the older Vegas clubs and while I appreciate its authenticity and OG status, it is a little meh in comparison. Their day party venue is Tao Beach, however I’ve only been to their winter day party and it had bad music and was pretty boring.

Our rating: *

Lavo at the Palazzo

Lavo Champagne Brunch is the.best.thing.ever. When it is too cold for pool parties (except the dreaded Day Dome) Lavo Brunch is the daytime place to be!  This is not your typical brunch. We’re talking loud music, glow sticks, and dancers amidst eggs benedict and french toast! Champagne is flowing and this is probably the only brunch where you are encouraged to dance on the tables! Don’t forget to snag a t-shirt reading “Brunch, Rave, Sleep, Repeat.”

Our rating: *****

 What all the clubs have in common:

  • DJs playing primarily EDM or house music
  • Ridiculously priced bottle service served by model-types in matching themed costumes
  • A line to get in
  • Some “wow” factor, such as acrobats, light shows, confetti, glowsticks, etc
  • A pretty strict dress code (it’s Vegas, get dressed up!)

What you need to know about getting in:

This is where it gets tricky. All the clubs sell tickets online in advance and they are usually around $30 for girls and $50 for guys (it’s messed up, I know.) Ladies, don’t jump the gun on buying a ticket, because girls can typically get in free. Promoters are constantly handing out wristbands at the hotels. If it’s a holiday weekend everyone should play it safe and buy tickets, even the girls. You can usually get a promotor to put your name on the guest list (which sounds fancy but there is still a line involved.) With an even girl-guy ratio it’s pretty easy to get in most places. If you show up with all dudes, go ahead and get cozy in the general admission line… you’ll be there for a while.

If clubs aren’t your thing and you’ve made it this far, consider heading down to Fremont Street to enjoy the Vegas of yesteryear or check out a show. You can’t go wrong with any of the Cirque Du Soleils. On our most recent trip we opted for a magician and saw David Copperfield!

Las Vegas Blvd

As we are getting closer to our thirties than our twenties, our Vegas trips are becoming a little more laid back and relaxing. But sometimes after a tough week at work you just need to drive across the desert to dance it off in a club filled with strangers. That’s the magic of Vegas after all!

For more information on Las Vegas, grab this Lonely Planet guide book.

Viva Las Vegas,


Inspired Recipe: Blackberry Mint Mimosa from Bright Eyed Baker

You can feel like you’re at Lavo Champagne Brunch anytime with this mimosa. A spin on the classic, it is delicious and a fun way to start the day!

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