7 Things to do in Montezuma Costa Rica

tortuga island beach

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Montezuma Costa Rica. We assumed it would be similar to Santa Teresa which we loved, but it had a very different vibe. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it was definitely a mix of alternative backpackers who never left and diverse expats. All with a backdrop of beauty and cheesy tourism. We had a fun few days there, especially because our airbnb was in a fantastic location! Check it out here. Haven’t tried out Airbnb yet? Click here to get a $40 travel credit.

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tortuga island beach

What to do in Montezuma

1. Visit Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island was our favorite part of our trip to Montezuma! Upon arriving in Montezuma you will notice tons of tourism shops selling tours to Tortuga Island. They are all about the same price and include transportation, snorkeling, food, and drinks. Don’t be afraid to haggle and get a deal! You definitely don’t need to book online in advance. There are plenty of places with availability.

The boat ride there is pretty long but it is absolutely gorgeous! You stop by rainbow rock which is not only shaped like a rainbow but apparently is full of colorful flowers during the rainy season. The boat drops you at two different snorkel spots. Both are fantastic! We love to snorkel and scuba dive and have done so in several locations around the world from the British Virgin Islands to Kauai, and I have to say this snorkeling was great! The water was warm and had amazing visibility. Plus, the turquoise color is strikingly beautiful. We saw several large schools of fish and even a sea turtle! That’s right a turtle on Tortuga Island, yay!

rainbow rock tortuga island

After snorkeling you get a while to relax at the beach. There is a yummy lunch (we chose the fish option) and beer is included! There are also drinks for sale on the beach. Grab a “coco loco” and enjoy the sunshine!

grant at isla tortuga

palm trees costa rica

If you’re lucky and look hard enough, you may even meet local celebrity Philomena. She is a javelina which is also known as a peccary. Still not sure? She is basically a weird looking pig. She’s completely harmless and super cute!


2. Eat Sushi at Puggo’s

Always on the hunt for seaside sushi, we headed to Puggo’s. The atmosphere is a little off but the sushi is yummy! They also have great mediterranean food.

puggos sushi_

3. Watch the Street Performers

The aforementioned permanent backpackers are actually quite talented street performers. We saw belly dancing, fire eating, break dancing, and impressive juggling! Check them out at nighttime in the middle of town.

4. Have Happy Hour at Restaurante Montezuma 

Steps from the sand, this is a great place to wind down after fun in the sun. The view is amazing as well. Go for happy hour and accompany your dos por uno cocktails with ceviche and mussels!

montezuma beach

5. Visit the Brewery Butterfly Garden

Clandestina is a cool restaurant that has amazing food, good craft beers, and a butterfly garden! We went at night so we weren’t able to see the butterflies but the dining experience was top notch.

clandestina montezuma

6. Walk to the Montezuma Waterfall

This one was kind of a fail for us. I forgot our map at home so we didn’t quite see all the waterfall had to offer. We saw the lower waterfall which was nice, but the upper falls are supposed to be amazing! It was our last day so unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to try again. Below is a picture of the map. Hopefully it is helpful for you!

montezuma waterfall map

7. Play in the Waves

And of course it goes without saying that you must visit the beach! The water is warm and the waves are fun! We spent one evening splashing around at sunset. You must go for a swim in Montezuma!


sunset montezuma

We had a fun time in Montezuma Costa Rica and we adored our snorkel tour to Tortuga Island, however it wasn’t our absolute favorite place in beautiful Costa Rica.

Want more information to plan your trip to Montezuma Costa Rica? Check out the Costa Rica Lonely Planet here.

Mixed Feelings in Montezuma,



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One thought on “7 Things to do in Montezuma Costa Rica

  1. Your post is a perfect example of different strokes for different folks. I love Montezuma but don’t like Santa Teresa! Montezuma is a quaint bohemian town with lots of avenues to enjoy nature. Santa Teresa on the other hand is dusty, dirty and smells.

    Tortuga island-I found it a bit commercial even though I went via Curu Wildlife Refuge, and the snorkeling was OK, not out of this world. On the other hand, I love Montezuma falls and swimming in the pools.

    My other half and I enjoyed Montezuma so much, that we’re building our retirement Casita close by in Las Delicias.

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