Viña del Mar: Exploring Chile’s Seaside City

beach in vina del mar chile

When visiting Valapraiso we decided to hop over to Viña del Mar for the day. It was a blast! There isn’t too much to do but the beaches are beautiful and nearby the city making it perfect for a day trip.

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beach in Viña del Mar chile

How to Get to Viña del Mar

Getting to Viña del Mar from Valparaiso is super simple. Take the bus or metro for only a few dollars. The best part is it is only 30 minutes away!

What to Do in Viña del Mar

Eat Seafood Empanadas

Seafood is an obvious choice when by the sea and when in South America, empanadas are our preferred form of preparation. Head to Los Roldan to try some. Keep in mind these are super big and greasy so maybe share!

Take a Nap on the Beach

It was too cold for swimming when we visited but we walked out on the pier and then took a nice nap in the warm sand. There are also some nice parks that would make for a perfect mid-day nap spot as well.

beach vina del mar

Take a Photo with the Reloj de Flores

This clock is made out of flowers and functions by solar energy. There’s not much to it but it is a pretty photo op!

flor reloj

Visit Wulff Castle

This castle is super cool and right on the water. It was closed when we visited so we didn’t get to go inside but the outside architecture is impressive.

castle Viña del Mar

See Palacio Presidencial

This president knows what’s up! The presidential palace is gorgeous with stunning ocean views and a big lawn yet it is humble in size and in a residential neighborhood. We weren’t allowed inside but the outside was very nice.

presidential palace vina del mar

Check out the Casino

Viña del Mar has a lovely casino right on the water. It reminded me of the one in Monaco. Swing in for slots or simply admire the grounds and views.

casino vina del mar

Viña del Mar reminded us a little of our home in San Diego, and we loved spending a day in this pretty city.

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