Getting around Tulum- A Tulum Transportation Guide

Tulum transportation is fairly simple. Cancun is the closest airport and it is about 2 hours away. To get to Tulum you can rent a car, take a shared van, or take the ADO bus. The bus is the cheapest option. It costs around $12 USD per person for a direct bus. The first two times we visited Tulum we rented a car but this time we took the bus. It was super nice and really easy to use. Simply walk outside of the airport terminal past the Margaritaville bar and there is a little kiosk that says ADO. The station in Tulum is centrally located right on the main road in Pueblo. Once in Tulum, you can get around by bike, car, taxi, collectivo, or hitchhiking. No matter the option you choose getting around Tulum is easy and fairly inexpensive.

Getting around Tulum by bus the cheapest Tulum transportation

Getting around Tulum by Bike

Several hostels and hotels include bikes in your stay and there are bike shops on every corner which rent them for around $6 USD a day. There are also options to rent mopeds. Tulum is divided into two parts, the Pueblo and the Beach. You can read more about that here. They are about 3 miles apart and there is a nice sidewalk so biking is a great way to get around. However, the beach road doesn’t have any street lights so investing in a head lamp is a good call if you are going to be riding at night.

Getting around Tulum by Car

Having a car is an added level of convenience however parking at the beach can be difficult. If you decide to rent a car take advantage of it and check out some really cool day trips from Tulum, such as Coba and Akumal. Check out our Tulum day trip guide here.

Getting around Tulum by Taxi

The taxis will take you anywhere you need to go in Tulum including nearby cenotes, ruins, etc. While the taxis are readily available and most convenient form of Tulum transportation they can often be overpriced. Taxis charge a minimum of $100 pesos (around $6 USD) just to take you the 3 miles from town to the beach and often more at nighttime!

Getting around Tulum by Collectivo

Since we are backpacking, we have more time than money so the collectivo is the best choice for us. It is a shared van that only makes certain stops. The best part is that it is only 15 pesos (around 80 cents) each! However it is intended for locals only so oftentimes they drive right by us! To catch the collectivo in Pueblo you simply wait at the bus stop you can see it on the map here. Catching a collectivo at the beach is a bit more challenging. We found it works best to hop on after a local or slip in while someone else is getting off. The collectivo doesn’t want to pick you up if there are taxis around because the taxis are intended for tourists. If you have a flexible schedule and want to save some money it is the way to go! Also it is important to note that there are 2 types of collectivos. The ones that pick up on the main road are headed toward Playa del Carmen. We took one of these on our way to Soliman Bay.

Getting around Tulum by Hitchhiking

While this seems taboo and sketchy is most places it is super normal to hitchhike in Tulum, especially on the road that connects Pueblo to the beach. Most people are already heading in that direction so it makes sense to ride-share. On our previous trip we gave a ride to a Dutch couple our age and this trip we got a ride from a masseuse who was heading back home to Pueblo after working in Soliman Bay. Of course proceed with caution but most people (tourists and locals alike) we encountered were super kind.

Tulum transportation has something for every traveler. Find out where you fit on the scale from budget to convenience and go from there.

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