South America Wine Tasting Guide

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While South America may not be your first thought when planning a wine tasting tour, it totally should be! We wine tasted our way through Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile on our South America travels and it was so much fun. Plus we learned more about wine, petted some llamas, and visited new countries. Here is our South America Wine Tasting Guide.

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Wine Tasting in Argentina

Argentina has the best wine in South America in our opinion and is a must-visit! Go to a tasting room in Buenos Aires and then hop on a flight or luxury bus to Mendoza to visit hundreds of wineries in the beautiful Valle de Uco. From there take another bus or plane over to Chile and continue your tour. Click the link above for a full list of the wineries we visited and how we got around.

Read about all of our wine tasting recommendations in Argentina here.

Wine Tasting in Chile

We headed to Casablanca, right outside of Santiago, to sample Chilean wines. This region is small but beautiful and the wine is great too. Did we mention the llamas? Click the link above for a full breakdown of our Chile wine tasting experience.

Read more about our wine tasting experience in Casablanca here.

Wine Tasting in Uruguay

While it is not nearly as famous as Argentinean and Chilean wine, the wine of Uruguay is under-recognized. We only visited one winery in Montevideo, Bodega Bouza, but it was great and definitely worth a pit stop.

Read more about Bodega Bouza here.

While we tasted countless cups of coffee in northern South America (looking at you, Colombia), wine is the expertise of these southern countries. Rich malbecs and crisp whites beckon you to visit. We are sure glad we did!

Want more information on South America Wine Tasting? Check out this book: Wines of South America


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