Visiting Guatapé – A Great Day Trip From Medellin

piedra penol

Want to get out of the city and stretch your legs for a bit? Guatapé is a great day trip from Medellin. This huge rock, Piedra del Peñol, is in the middle of a gorgeous water reservoir. Spend the day hiking and lounging by the water in this Colombian gem.

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Getting to Guatapé

We took the bus from the North Medellin bus terminal and found it quite simple and affordable. Here is a detailed post on how to get to Guatapé.

What to do in Guatapé

Hike Piedra del Peñol

This huge rock is a steep but fairly easy hike. It took around 1 hour to climb the 600+ steps. There were several people doing it and it was more like climbing a bunch of stairs with a crowd of people rather than a nature hike. However once you reach the top the views are beautiful. Grab an ice cream cone or a cerveza and enjoy! There is another line to reach the very top observation point but we decided to skip it since the line was so long.

Activities in Guatapé

Aside from the famed hike, there is not too much to do. The rock is out of town but you can easily grab a tuk tuk to take you to the main plaza. There are some water sport activities such as jetskis and boating. Since we were tired after our hike, we simply had lunch at a typical restaurant and walked around admiring the colorful streets.

tuk tuk in guatape

Where to Stay in Guatapé

We considered staying the night but found that a half day was plenty. However if you decide to stay there are a few hostels in town. I recommend getting one near the main plaza.

There are several tours offered to Guatapé but it is super easy to navigate on your own. Enjoy!

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