Staying In Poblado – Medellin’s Trendiest Neighborhood

pergamino medellin


We stayed in the Poblado neighborhood of Medellin and absolutely loved it! It is so trendy and reminded us of San Francisco. Poblado has gourmet dining, fashion forward boutiques, lively nightlife, and a bustling digital nomad coffee shop scene.

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We loved this Airbnb we stayed at, which was in the heart of Poblado. There are also several boutique hotels and hostels.

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Parks in Poblado

Parque Lleras and Parque Poblado are lacking green space but they make up for it in benches and wifi! That’s right the park (all of Medellin really) has great wifi. If you’re looking for a restaurant or bar head to the parks. They are centrally located and are surrounded by dining and nightlife options.

parque poblade parque lleras

Shopping in Poblado

Poblado has so many cute boutiques. Be sure to check out Primavera, a trendy women’s clothing boutique, and Tower, a swimsuit store that Splash House goers would die for. For men’s clothing, head to Pardo for floral yet manly options.

shopping tower swimwear

primavera boutique medellin

Coffee Shops in Poblado

Colombia knows coffee and Medellin has artfully designed coffee shops on every corner! Our favorites in Poblado were Pergamino, Café Velvet, and Como Pez en el Agua.

Pergamino: Pergamino was our favorite cafe in Medellin. It has an atmosphere ideal for digital nomads and bloggers. Delicious coffee is served alongside drool-worthy pastries. They have ample seating, we especially loved the patio.

pergamino medellin

Café Velvet: Café Velvet is a posh yet cozy café with an atmosphere as rich as the coffee and cake. Settle in a plush couch and enjoy!

cafe velvet medellin

Como Pez en el Agua: Okay so this one we liked for the good wifi, yummy croissants, and proximity to our Airbnb. However, the coffee isn’t original. They served Juan Valdez (the Colombian equivalent of Starbucks) but honestly it is still super good. I’m telling you, Colombia knows their coffee!

coffee shop medellin

Our favorite ways to drink Colombian coffee:
– Chemex
– V60
– Aeropress

We typically drink Americanos, lattes, or espresso shots, but Colombia has next level options when it comes to coffee consumption. Get out of you comfort zone and try something new!

Restaurants in Poblado

Poblado has an amazing restaurant scene sure to impress any foodie.

El Cielo:

We have to mention the best one first, El Cielo. This Michelin style restaurant is not only a culinary delight but a sensory experience as well. Each of the 12 courses, or “moments” as they are referred to, is amazing. We went here for my birthday and it was so much fun! The best part is, this multi-course chef prepared experience is only $30 USD! It is worth its value tenfold and would probably cost that much in the states. Be sure to make a reservation in advance.


The food at Carmen is equally as impressive as El Cielo. Reservations fill up but if you don’t have one get there when they open to snag a seat at the bar. We shared several small plates and entrees and all were seriously so delicious! Be sure to try one (or two!) of their unique craft cocktails. There is a location in Cartagena as well.

carmen medellin

Criminal Taqueria:

This casual taco truck is full of cheap, yummy goodness! The pastor tacos and spicy salsas reminded us of Tulum. A must-do for a quick lunch in Poblado.

criminal taqueria

Bao Bei:

We went to Bao Bei to get our Asian food fix (South America has been tough on our insatiable desire for quality Japanese.) Don’t let the line around the block deter you, it is totally worth it! The restaurant is tiny with literally only 10 seats, similar to Omoide Yokocho in Tokyo! We ordered the sticky buns and noodle dishes. It was so delicious and perfect for a rainy day in Medellin.


This trendy American restaurant has a great vibe and design but the food is pretty basic. It is a great place to start before a night out. Insider Tip: Get the guac!

burdo medellin

Medellin Beer Factory:

Colombia has a long way to go with its craft beer scene, but to try out some local flavors head to Medellin Beer Factory. There are two locations within Poblado and it is a good place to hang for an afternoon or catch a sporting event on one of its several TVs. The beer style and selection is really similar to Bogota Beer Company.

Nightlife in Poblado

Poblado has several small bars. One of our favorites is Vintrash. Order a mojito and hit the dance floor. Medellin is specifically known for its love of reggaeton. However if you’re craving a club or more of salsa scene head to Calle 70 in Medellin.

nightlife medellin

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We loved staying in Poblado! While there are definitely other parts of Medellin that you must see, Poblado is great to have as a home base.

Stay Trendy Poblado,


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