Sevilla: Spain’s Most Charming City


We flew roundtrip out of Sevilla to Morocco so while we were there for practicality, it ended up being an awesome mini-vacation! I adore Spain but our recent trip to Barcelona was so hot and crowded I thought I was maybe over it. But then I met Sevilla. I think it is my new favorite Spanish city. We were only here for 2 nights but it was incredible. The food and beverage scene was a dream (especially after eating innumerable tajins and spending 3 weeks in alcohol-free Morocco), the city has gorgeous architecture, and it is easy to navigate on foot.


Interesting Highlight of our Trip: We were stoked when we saw Christopher Columbus’ son’s remains, only to later realize Christopher Colombus himself is buried in Sevilla. Whaaat!? I have always disliked Colombus and felt that he gets undeserved credit, but seeing his coffin and learning the Spanish perspective of their hero changed my views a bit. I think he probably had good intentions. More on that later…

Where to Stay in Sevilla

We booked the Hostal Jardín de la Alameda for two nights and were so pleasantly surprised. Our private room had way more or a hotel feel than a hostel and it was such a treat. The decor is super cute and the location is prime.

Where to Eat and Drink in Sevilla

One word, tapas. Eat all of the tapas. Sevilla is the birthplace of these delectable small plates. We had 12 tapas and 24 drinks in 48 hours. Seriously, everything is that good.

El Rinconcillo

For old-school classic tapas, El Rinconcillo Is a must-try. Stand at the tapas bar and snack away as you watch the servers carve Jamon Iberico.

tapas sevilla

Perro Viejo

Perro Viejo has such a trendy atmosphere and fantastic tapas. These are less classic and have a modern twist. Think sliders and ceviche.

sevilla food

LaCava Bar 

After trying to go to Ovejas Negras (it was too crowded) so we “settled” for LaCava. It was awesome. Great food and service. It was the perfect start to our night out in Sevilla.

Sal Gorda

This place had a great vibe and menu, I think we just ordered wrong. Crazy enough it was a cheeseboard! We love cheeseboards but something was too funky about this cheese (and not in a good way). Give it a go for the other menu items and let us know your thoughts!

Non-Tapas Worth Mentioning

No Piqui

For breakfast look no further than No Piqui. This fabulous brunch spot has a menu equally trendy as it is tasty. Perfect for the avocado toast and açaí lover.


Torch Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop by the river is great! The have any coffee preparation you could want and awesome food.

coffee sevilla

Nightlife in Sevilla

El Arenal, Alfalfa, and Alameda are fun areas to go out in. Just like the restaurants, you can’t really go wrong with Sevilla nightlife!

What to See in Sevilla

Sightseeing in Sevilla is way more laid back than other Spanish cities. Simply stroll around and you’ll find some beautiful historical buildings. However, there are two popular sight-seeing stops, the Catedral de Sevilla and Reales Alcazares.

Catedral de Sevilla

After spending quite some time in Europe, the cathedral loses its appeal. Grant loves them and insists we stop in every. single. one. I cannot count how many we have been in so far! The Catedral de Sevilla is the city’s main attraction so I gave in, anticipating seeing the usual. I was wrong.

cathdreal sevilla

This cathedral is so impressive and interesting and is better than both Notre Dame and Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia still has my heart in terms of architecture but the history and relics of Catedral de Sevilla are unparalleled. We saw Christopher Colombus’ grave. So crazy! I totally recommend the audio tour. We spent about 2 hours in the cathedral and were engaged the entire time.

Reales Alcazares

While I wanted to check out this gorgeous palace, the line was horrendously long and we decided we had better things to do on our short Sevilla trip, aka eat tapas and drink wine. I undoubtedly will be making a return trip and I’ll have to check it out then.


This traditional Spanish dance is from this region of the country and is so fun to watch. There are Flamenco shows you can buy tickets for, however, we loved the casual vibe of La Carboneria. The communal style tables reminded us of a German beer garden but the show was all Spanish!


La Maestranza Bull Ring

We walked by the outside of this bullring which is still currently in use for bullfights. We have both been to one in the past and it’s not really our thing but it is an important part of Spanish culture nonetheless.

Barrio Santa Cruz

This neighborhood has cute shops and cafes. We loved sitting on the patios and people watching. You seriously can’t go wrong with restaurants in Sevilla. They are all amazing.

Sevilla is a dream of a city and I cannot wait to go back for a longer amount of time.

palm tree spain

Want more information to plan your trip to Sevilla? Check out the Spain Lonely Planet here.

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