Old Town San Diego Restaurant Guide

Old Town

One of the more touristy parts of San Diego, Old Town has awesome Mexican food and is a not to be missed culinary destination. Rumor has it that they sell more tequila per year than anywhere else in the world!

*indicates places with more than one location in SD. Check out our Ultimate San Diego Restaurant Guide for the best eats in every neighborhood.

Cafe Coyote – Cafe Coyote is the most crowded and most popular restaurant in Old Town, but it is worth the hype. The portions are huge and delicious and the margarita selection is extensive! Even with the crowds the wait isn’t too long because the restaurant is huge! It’s the perfect place to go with a big group. Be sure to get warm handmade flour tortillas with salsa and butter while you wait in line.

Old Town Mexican Cafe – One word: molcajete. A molcajete is a stone bowl Mexican food is traditionally served and prepared in and OTMC has the best dish ever. It’s filled with yummy meats, sauces, and cheese. It’s one of our favorite meals in San Diego and there is plenty to share.

Harney Sushi* – Not in the mood for Mexican? Head to Harney for a trendy, upscale sushi experience.

For more information on Southern California, grab this Lonely Planet guide book.

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