The Best Shared Workspaces in Tulum for Digital Nomads

co con amor

While the perks of being a digital nomad far outweigh the struggles, it isn’t always easy to work abroad. Trying to find free wifi with a strong connection and a seat by a plug is a daily challenge. Although there are not currently any dedicated shared workspaces in Tulum we were still able to get a lot of work done.

Tulum was a fairly easy city to work from. The beach has weak wifi so these are all located in Pueblo. Here is our list of favorite shared workspaces in Tulum.

Tulum Art Club-

This is by far our favorite place to work in Tulum! Not only is the space super cool but the wifi is strong and the staff is great. It’s an open space decorated with funky art and lots of seating. There is also a nice back patio. Did I mention they have an amazing orange cold brew and delicious avocado toast? Tulum Art Club is seriously digital nomad heaven in Tulum.

Del Cielo

We loved working here at Del Cielo. The food is great and the wifi is too! The only downside is it is small and often really crowded and they close at 3.

de cielo tulum- The Best Shared Workspaces in Tulum


This one almost didn’t make the list because the wifi is terrible but if you have some offline writing or work to do, Ki’Bok has lots of tables and a nice back patio. Read more about Ki’Bok here.

Co Con Amor

This one gets an honorable mention as well. We did not work from Co Con Amor but we did have breakfast here and they have good wifi and a super cute atmosphere. Several people were on their laptops and it seems like the perfect outdoor space to get some work done.

Also don’t forget about your airbnb or hotel when it comes to wifi. Ours had some of the best!

Remember when in Tulum, you’re on Tulum time so be patient, grab a coffee, and settle in. Keep in mind how lucky you are to be working in such a beautiful place.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Shared Workspaces in Tulum for Digital Nomads

  1. Hey Rachel and Grant! Thanks for the great round up of work spaces in Tulum! I traveled around Mexico for about 6 months but only took a day-trip to Tulum because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find good enough wifi to stay there longer-term. This post gives me hope 🙂 It was such a gorgeous place. Thanks again for the great content. I loved it so much I had to link back to it in my own round-up of cities I slow-traveled through in Mexico ( Great job guys!!!

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