5 Things to Do in Paros Greece

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Paros wasn’t really on our radar until we started planning our Greek Island hopping trip. We knew we were doing Santorini and Mykonos but since they are at opposite ends of The Cyclades, we needed to stop at some spots in between. We decided on Ios and Paros. Read more about our trip to Ios here and our entire Greek Island vacation here.

Paros ended up being one of my favorite stops, only second to Santorini! The views, food, and towns were all too good. Here are some of our favorite things to do in pretty little Paros.

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1. Stroll the Streets of Parikia

There are two main towns in Paros, Parikia and Naoussa. After much debate on where to stay, we decided on Parikia. It was closer to the ferry terminal and seemed to have a few more dining options. We loved it! We stayed at the Akrotiri Hotel, highly recommendable. The town of Parikia is so cute and we loved strolling the cobblestone streets shopping and dining at the waterfront restaurants. Some of our favorite restaurants in Parikia are Levantis for upscale dining, Nemobar for plant-based fare, and The Beer House for beer. Also while in Parikia, don’t miss Panayia Ekatondapiliani Cathedral, the church of 100 doors.

2. Eat Fresh Seafood in Naoussa

Naoussa is a super cute fishing village on the north side of Paros. It still functions as a fishing village so it is the best place to eat fresh seafood. You can’t go wrong with any of the family-run tavernas. For something a little more upscale try Sigi Ikthios. It was delicious. There are some cute streets for high-end shopping. Be sure to check out the little fort and find the hidden rock staircase where you can climb to the top for a great view. The water here was particularly pretty and in contrast with the white city, it is postcard perfect.


3. Take a Mini Road Trip around Paros

We rented a car while in Paros so we could explore the entire island. While we would have rather rented a scooter or ATV, we didn’t have an international driver’s license at the time. (We do now. You can get them at AAA.) Plus the weather was a little dicey so it was better to have coverage in case of a rain shower. One day we took a mini road trip around the whole island. Start by going to Piso Livadi, a small fishing town. Here have a seat at oceanfront Ouzeri Halaris and have a drink or snack.

Then head to Lefkes, another really cool old town. I loved Lefkes, it was a fun place to get lost in the small streets and see an old cemetery.

Lefkes paros
Lefkes paros day trip

Next visit Naoussa and the rock formations of Kolibithres. Naoussa is so quaint and photogenic and the rock formations were super cool to climb around on!

On the way back stop by a winery or O Xilofournos Wooden Oven for some pastries. For more beaches check out Faragas, Drios, and Chrisi Akti.

4. Go Shopping on Paros

As I mentioned, Parikia is a great place to shop. We usually aren’t able to shop a lot while backpacking due to limited space but we were headed back to the US after Greece so we picked up a few things! I got a fabulous pair of handmade leather sandals and I bought my dad a wooden pipe made from an olive tree for his birthday. Many of the goods are handmade and they make such a memorable gift.

shopping in parikia paros

5. Visit Antiparos

Okay, so it is technically not Paros, but it is close and it is awesome! I daresay we liked Antiparos more than Paros. The beaches were absolutely stunning and there was no one on them so we had them completely to ourselves. Skinny dip to your heart’s content, because there is not a soul in sight.

There are several small beaches to explore, like Faneromeni, and a few main ones, like Soros. Due to its location, none of them are crowded. It’s not too difficult to get there you just have to take a small ferry from Paros, but there isn’t an airport or big ferry terminal like on the other islands.

There is also a cave you can visit but it was closed when we got there in the afternoon.

antiparos cave

You must eat at Captain Pipinos. Not only was it delicious but the oceanfront views were gorgeous! It is the perfect spot for lunch on Antiparos. There is not much to do on Antiparos, but a day trip is totally worth it.

Paros is so charming and is much more laid back than some of the more popular Greek Islands. Don’t forget to include it and Antiparos in your Cyclades itinerary!

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