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Hi everyone! We are Rachel and Grant the traveling pair behind Gypsy Sols. We met while attending college in Georgia and we were married in Turks and Caicos in April 2016. The name Gypsy Sols comes from our love for exploring new cultures, the sun and Latin America. It is also the name of our beloved first sailboat.

Currently we have traditional jobs in San Diego. Rachel is an elementary school counselor and Grant is a national account rep for AT&T. Our 5 years in California have been absolutely amazing but we are ready for our next adventure. In the Fall of 2017 we will be quitting our jobs to travel around the world and eventually settle down in Tulum, Mexico.

The plan is to build up passive streams of income that will give us the freedom and time to focus on what we are most passionate about. Although the thought of quitting our 9 to 5’s seems scary, not following our passion is even more terrifying. We will do a more in-depth blog post of how we came to this decision and overcame the fear of losing the security of a traditional job but it basically all came down to us asking ourselves what we would do if money was no object. That question lead us to the conclusion that we wanted to travel and help as many people as possible. The mission for Gypsy Sols is to do just that while sharing the experience with you.

We decided to start a travel and lifestyle design blog so we could document the places and cultures we visit but also so we can show how an ordinary couple could consciously decided to quit dreaming about the ideal life and start living it.

We hope you enjoy the blog and are inspired to seek adventure no matter where you are.

– Ray & Grant

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  1. Hey guys, we’re looking forward to seeing your amazing pictures and reading about your adventures! Have fun!!!
    ~ Verna and Mike

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